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Back to skewl!

Posted by ACBGamer24 - August 20th, 2010

So yeah... summer's over, starting on Monday. But I'm kind of excited: This is my final year of Junior High. It's great to be at the top, and to know I'll be in high school next year; It's just CRAZY! I got new clothes, supplies, etc., and it seems like I have a great year ahead of me. Plus, during vacation, I visited my hometown (Harlan, KY), and saw my old friends and relatives. It was AWESOME.

About my creative projects: on my Youtube page, I've been posting a lot of YTPMVs lately, and updating stuff a lot more. I've also been practicing with FamiTracker, so I may post some chiptunes soon. Plus, over the summer, I've opened TWO new Youtube channels. One is for my chiptunes (NESwave) and one is for anime I like (NekoMan24). As for my Newgrounds, I've been kind of dormant... I've been VERY busy with other things (as you can see), so I'm out of practice with Flash... sort of. But, I've been following some tutorials, and I've halfway learned Actionscript 2.0, so that may help.

Tomorrow, I go to the Middle School to enroll my sister, introduce her to some teachers, and pick up my schedule. BUSY BUSY BUSY.

So there's my Kirb-sized blogpost. Better get to bed to get up early tomorrow (since it's currently 2:27 A.M. Eastern). See ya, Newgrounders!

Back to skewl!

Comments (2)

wat do u-omtish-mean by-omtish-final year of junior high? u have had to take it more than once?

Nope. I'm going into 8th grade.

Dude,what's the deal? When are ya gonna finish with LSL 2, Ive already started @ new comic series'!

I'm so sorry, man. My computer crashed recently because I was installing and old program from like 10 years ago, and I lost most of my flash files. :( These past two weeks I've completely been focused on LSL2, because I didn't want it to take, like, another 6 months to release. I've animated all the way up to the middle of Kai's argument with the redneck though (trust me, about 7 hours of work collectively) and I'm exhausted. But at the pace I'm going, it may take just a few more weeks. So again I'm sorry, and (even as I type this) I'm working frantically.