2011-01-06 21:41:22 by ACBGamer24

Happy Week-After-New-Year. Well, it would be, if I wasn't so uninspired and depressed. =_=


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2011-01-06 21:52:00

You're thirteen. Your life is at its greatest. Just wait until you turn sixteen, then you'll have a reason to be depressed. Soon you'll be old enough to apply for a job, you'll be driving, next thing you know, your parents are kicking you out of the house leaving you to fend for yourself. That isn't as cool as it sounds.

Enjoy being a kid while it lasts.

ACBGamer24 responds:

Eh, your probably right. But when half your family's died over the past two years, it isn't the best feeling. :/


2011-01-07 03:05:45

In China you would already be working for your family.


2011-01-12 16:09:22

My friend Kai would know exactly how you feel...